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Celeste Kellock

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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling, funded by NERC Iapetus, researching the transport of carbon from areas of afforestation/deforestation to coastal waters, and the influence of iron geochemistry on sequestration of this carbon.

I completed my BSc and MSc at the University of Edinburgh. I was a Research Assistant on two cruises funded by NERC’s Changing Arctic Ocean Programme: JR16006 (Barents Sea) and JR17005 (Fram Strait), focussing on dissolved inorganic carbon cycling. As Research Assistant at the University of St. Andrews I investigated how calcification media chemistry and skeletal organic materials affect aragonite crystallisation and biomineralization

Project: Source to Sea: Soil carbon transport from forested environments to coastal waters

Supervisors: Christian Schroeder, Nadeem Shah, Craig Smeaton, Richard Streeter

Keywords: Forestry, Fjords, Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Transport, Iron Biogeochemistry           

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