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Blue carbon educational resources

Infographics on various blue carbon topics have been created by members of the Scottish Blue Carbon Forum. These infographics were presented at the International Blue Carbon Conference in Edinburgh in November 2021. Click on the infographics below to read them in detail.

Scottish Blue Carbon Forum infographics

SBCF Infographic_Ocean Acidification by Krisztina Toth.pdf
SBCF Infographic Maerl Beds by Heidi Burdett
SBCF Infographic From Green to Blue by Hannah Lee
SBCF Infographic Carbon Solutions hidden forests Scotland by Alasdair O'Dell
SBCF Infographic Scotland Blue Carbon by Caitlin Cunningham

Resources for policy makers

Resources have been developed to provide policy makers with the guidance, knowledge and skills to identify and develop blue carbon initiatives and projects that can promote and preserve the climate benefits of blue carbon ecosystems.


Hover above the logos below to find out about these resources and click on the links to learn more.

Links to other resources

Further information on international progress on blue carbon and ocean climate can be found at the following links. 

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