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Celeste Kellock

University of Stirling

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Stirling, my main interest is the movement of carbon throughout the environment (and what might change / alter these natural processes). My PhD project spans across several areas and primarily investigates how land use (change), particularly forestry, might influence the burial of carbon in fjord sediments.

I previously completed my BSc Environmental Geoscience and MSc Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh and was a Research Assistant on two cruises funded by NERC’s Changin Arctic Ocean project (JR16006, JR17005) where I focussed on the cycling of inorganic carbon in the marine system. I then went on to complete a Research Assistant post at the University of St. Andrews investigating how changes in calcification media chemistry and skeletal organic material may affect aragonite crystallisation and biomineralization (how chemical changes can influence a coral’s ability to build a skeleton).

Project: Source to Sea: Soil carbon transport from forested environments to coastal waters

Supervisors: Christian Schroeder, Nadeem Shah, Craig Smeaton, Richard Streeter

Keywords: Forestry, Fjords, Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Transport, Iron Biogeochemistry

Celeste Kellock
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