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Prof. William Austin

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Bill gained his PhD in Ocean Sciences in collaboration with the British Geological Survey, working on the NW European shelf seas. His postdoctoral research career included personal research fellowships from the Royal Society (University of Bergen, Norway) and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh). Since 1999, he has been based at the University of St Andrews; he also holds a visiting chair appointment at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. At St Andrews, Bill leads a group of early career researchers who are actively engaged in the work of the SBCF; Bill is currently seconded on a part-time role to Marine Scotland (Scottish Government).

Project: Numerous current projects are characterized by the application of a broad range of marine geoscience techniques to help underpin the evidence base that can inform Blue Carbon policy.

Supervising: Craig SmeatonCorallie HuntKirsty BlackSimone RiegelHanna Ewen and Paulina Ruranska

Keywords: sediment, carbon, palaeoceanography, foraminifera     


Photos taken by Bill   

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